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PREMIERE: SOD-90 - Manta Ray (Chlär Remix) [BDd025]

This week we are premiering SOD-90 - Manta Ray (Chlär Remix). For future Premiere interest with Ismus contact Artist: SOD-90 Title: Manta Ray (Chlär Remix) Label: Bipolar Disorder Rec. Catalogue: BDd025 Format: Vinyl and Digital Release date: 16/06/21 Be sure and buy it here - Raised in France, SOD-90 started his Electronic Music journey in parallel of his Studies as a Flutist in the Classical Music Conservatory of Berlin. As an escape of the constant pressure and the elitist mentality brought by the classical music environment, he founded himself giving more and more energy into producing, setting up a fragile balance between both worlds, that kept himself learning from one to another and and using his knowledge to complement each other. That’s how « No Flight Zone » is born, a result of Hard hitting Hardware Jams, ready to get the crowd moving. Coming in hot with this release, stunning grooves, encapsulating moods and a whole lot of eclectic dancefloor funk. Words won’t do it justice, we can’t wait for you to hear it. Remixes courtesy of LUZ1E , Assembler Code and DJ ANGELDU$T coming in to stomp their mark on the release and finally from Chlär & The Chronics . A full package set to demolition mode, ready for your ears and ready for some stomping feet. Support SOD-90: @sod-90 Support Chlär: @chlaer Support Bipolar Disorder Rec.: @bipolardisorder01 Released by: Bipolar Disorder Rec.Release date: 16 June 2021


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