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PREMIERE: Faster Horses - Transitional Outerwear (SK002)

This week we are premiering Faster Horses - Transitional Outerwear. For future Premiere interest with Ismus contact Artist: Faster Horses Title: Transitional Outerwear Label: Seikan Catalogue: SK002 Format: Vinyl & Digital Release date: 20/08/21 Bandcamp: Seikan's next release comes in the form of an eclectic vinyl compilation, designed to re-awaken the senses of those starved of strobe lights and sound systems. ‘Transitional Outerwear’ serves as a hope - filled soundtrack to a cautiously optimistic summer, just as suited to an open-air as it is to a home sound system. Support Faster Horses: @faster_horses Support Seikan: @seikanlabel

Released by: Seikan Release date: 20 August 2021


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