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PREMIERE: Chlär - Right Mood Supplier (WTLW001)

This week we are premiering Chlär - Right Mood Supplier (Original Mix). For future Premiere interest with Ismus contact Artist: Chlär Title: Right Mood Supplier Label: Welcome To The Loop World Catalogue: WTLW001 Format: Vinyl & Digital Release date: 04/03/22 Be sure and buy it here - Arriving hard on the heels of his Lobster Theremin debut, Swiss-born, Berlin based techno artist Chlär prepares the first ever release of Welcome to the Loop World with four devastating cuts of furious and fun pounding rhythms. ‘It’s a Common Thing’ is as subdued as it is raw; an unapologetically in-your-face energy with emo-vocal samples and tense, swirling sonics that allow no room for rest. ‘The Tribe’ begins with high-filter kick and wooden instrumentation that quickly evolves into a full-scale bassfest; not for the faint-hearted. The manipulated synth-strings of ‘Staying True’ make for a contemporary-classical take on the typically black-and-white techno format, creating something new and exciting that is distinctively Chlär, before ‘Right Mood Supplier’ swaps harsh noise for something a little more progressive; wriggling basslines and jump-up-and-down energy creating something punchy and fun. Support Chlär: @chlaer Support Welcome to the Loop World: @cheekymusicgroup

Released by: Welcome to the Loop World Release date: 4 March 2022


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