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Ismcast Presents: DJ G2G

This week on the Ismcast we have DJ G2G.

Very excited to have one of the most exciting exports from Denmark currently, delivering a face melting trance set for us this week. DJ G2G has been knocking out some proper full speed trance tracks over the last few years and is really starting to make a real name for himself. He has been dropping tracks in all the right places such as Extra Energy, Union Trance Mission and of course for us on Ismus. He has also been making some of the best edits currently going, such as his own take on the Erika De Casier track 'What U Wanna Do?'.

As expected G2G gets things moving from the beginning with his fast paced spacey trance sounds. Get yourself ready as you are in for a ride.

His contribution to ISMVA003.3: Crudeberlin – Crude-premiere-dj-g2g-darkbreak-escape-ismva0033

More info:

SC - @djg2g FB - Insta -

Ismcast Presents: DJ G2G

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