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Ismcast Presents: CJ Bolland

This week on the Ismcast we have CJ Bolland.

We are kicking 2021 off with a bang with the British born and Belgian raised legend that is CJ Bolland. He has contributed constantly to the techno scene since his first release back in 1990, dropping timeless tracks on his main home of R&S Records as well as many other massive labels. CJ has remained relevant in the scene which shows from his headline position on the roster of RAW Agency Paris along side artists like I Hate Models and Tim Tama.

We were lucky enough to host CJ back in 2018 for our 3rd birthday event at the Old Griessmuehle in Berlin and we have been waiting to bring him back ever since. He has delivered a fantastic mix of new and old techno and electro which shows his vast experience gained from 30 years in the game.

As always be sure to give CJ Bolland a follow on his socials.

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Ismcast Presents: CJ Bolland

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