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Glasgow born DJ and @ismusberlin co-owner @idote (aka Jonathan Carroll) is flying the flag for the Berlin crew. Since arriving in Germany in early 2016 his involvement has seen the growth of Ismus into one the German capital's iconic events and the launch of its own record label.

With a keen interest in up and coming artists, Jonathan prides himself on providing talented newcomers a platform to release their music. His sets reflect this, featuring tracks from a flurry of brand new artists with fresh ideas. I.E’s sound mirrors that of Ismus, his DJ sets consisting of fast paced Techno, 90s Trance and Gabber. His production style takes influences from many different styles of trance and he has since begun work on his own imprint, Trance Cuts, set for a delayed launch in 2021 with his debut EP 'Keep Clear, I Am Trying'.

Dive into our next DETECT with an exclusive mix from Ismus' very own I.E.


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