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Alva | Fast Forward Audio Series #56

Alva demands commitment. Her fast-paced style turns dancefloors into a high-energy workout area. While hammering beats with a ravey feel fill up the room, she stretches the borders between your body and mind. Well-thought build-ups, diverse sound spectrums and fast precise mixing characterize her energetic sets. Her contemporary outtake on techno makes you want her to keep ongoing.

In 2018, the young, ambitious DJ became a resident at the Berlin-founded collective "ISMUS". ISMUS organized sold-out, 36+ hour techno raves at the famous Berlin club Griessmuehle. Besides Griessmuehle, Alva has earned her stripes within the Berlin clubbing scene by playing almost every electronic music institution in the city imaginable. Her sound has echoed through Tresor, About Blank, and as highlight Säule (Berghain/Panorama Bar) in December 2019. Outside of Berlin, her name has appeared on many event posters throughout Germany and the rest of Europe like Das Werk (​AUT​), Corsica Studios (UK), and Schron (PL).

Apart from the bigger institutions, Alva has a lot of affinity with the local underground and activistic side of the club scene. She has closed the huge illegal warehouse rave of Bipolar and played the infamous underground club nights Mala Junta in Berlin and Endurance in Copenhagen. Further, she played multiple demonstrations for the perseverance of Berlin’s club culture like ISMUS’ 1st of May rave and the ‘Wem gehört die Stadt’-parade. @alvaberlin


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