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Alva | BCCO Podcast 116

Fast-paced, precise and hard-hitting. All of these attributes perfectly describe the sound Alva has defined for herself and for which she has become infamous in Berlin and beyond. Her sets turn dead dancefloors into sweaty playgrounds, filled with gleeful dancers. In 2018, she joined forces with the ISMUS crew, throwing some of the most sought-after, intense parties in the city, hosted at the lovely old Griessmühle (RIP). When it comes to Berlin clubs, Alva has seen and played them all, from Tresor to About Blank and even Säule at Berghain. She also indulges in more underground events, such as illegal warehouse raves and activist events like "Wem gehört die Stadt?", where - mounted on a truck - she lead a procession of ecstatic dancers through the city, showing that Berlin belongs to the ravers and freaks.

Follow Alva here: @alvaberlin


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