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Alva b2b Radical Softness | SPECTRUM PODCAST 048

@alvaberlin, @radicalsoftness - DJs based in Berlin.

1/ Who are you ? What do you do? Hi and thanks so much for having us! We are Laura (she/her) & Lea (she/they), DJs, friends. And we are working on creating a party collective focusing on offering safe space for Flinta people and artists in the near future

2/ If you were an animal, which one would you be? Laura: A lion Lea: A jellyfish, as they symbolize being unafraid to ride the waves of emotions.

3/ If music wouldn’t exist, which job would you like to do? Laura: Project manager Lea: Graphic designer

4/ The B2B of your dreams? This one was definitely dream as we had so much fun

5/ Your podcast in one word? Intense




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